Why do you want to join this particular guild: Simply because I think it's a worth. The guy who made the introductions was a neat guy - he helped me farm DM N 1st boss - so I just thought if the guild he is in has more ppl like him, thats a guild I wanna be in.

Why are you playing on this vanilla server: Tried for a while playing on vanillagaming but I didnt enjoy it as much as I thought. Having x3 or more xp gain and gold gain can make economy unstable and it surely doesnt feel rewarding because the effort to do stuff -raiding aside- is much much smaller. And as they say in political economy, value is proportionate to the time spent producing your output/product :)

What do you wish to achieve here: Endgame content.

Forgot to add that i am using the following Addons: Bartender 2, XPerl, Atlas, Decursive v1.9.7, KLHThreat Meter, Omni CC, Smartbuff, SW_Stats, Big Wigs.